Lublin is located around 170 km south east of the capital of Poland, Warsaw. Lublin can be reached by car, train, coach or plane.


By train

There are direct rail connections between Lublin and most large cities in Poland. Check your connections using the timetables of the Polish Railways.


If you arrive at Warsaw Airport (Okęcie) and you have time between your arrival at Warsaw Airport and the next train to Lublin it is best to take a bus no 175 which leaves regularly every 15-20 min from a stop right outside the arrivals hall. The cost is about 4PLN (1 Euro). The ticket can be obtained from a vending machine, and normally also from the driver (change needed).


If you are rushing and need a taxi, do not get taken by people who offer taxis in the arrivals. Just walk out of the arrivals and you will see official looking taxis. The trip to the central train station (Warszawa Centralna) takes about 20-25min, and costs about 15 Euro.

There is also a train platform from which trains take you to the Central Station. These take about 25 min. and leave almost every half hour.



You can get from the railway station to Hotel Huzar and Hotel Młyn by bus number 150 (timetable; get off at Spadochroniarzy 01 bus stop).

You can get to Hotel Mercure from the railway station by bus 150. This time you have to get off at KUL 03 bus stop.


A single ticket costs 2,8 PLN (approx. 0,7 euro). The journey should take about 15 minutes.


A more expensive option is to take a taxi. We recommend the following taxi corporations: Damel Taxi (tel. +48 81 196 26), Ale Taxi (+48  511 11 11), and Radio Taxi Czwórki (+48 81 196 88). The journey should take about 10 minutes and cost 20 PLN (approx. 5 euro).


By bus/coach

There are also bus/coach connections between Lublin and major Polish cities. Check your connections here.

You can get from the coach station to Hotel Huzar and Hotel Młyn by buses no. 10, 31 (get off at UMCS 01 bus stop) as well as 18 and 57 (get off at Spadochroniarzy 01 bus stop).

You will get to Hotel Mercure from the coach station by buses 18 and 57 if you get off at KUL 03 bus stop. 

Timetables are available here.The journey should take about 15-20 minutes.


By plane

The recently opened Lublin Airport offers several connections with European cities. The airport is located about 11 km to the east from the city centre. You can get from the airport to Lublin by train, bus or taxi.

You may also arrive to another Polish airport. The largest number of connections is available to Warsaw Chopin Airport. Next you may continue your journey to Lublin by train or coach as described above.




This year's APAP will be held at the main campus of The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.


Hotel Mercure is situated around 100 meters from the venue (link).

Hotels Huzar is located around 15 minutes walking from the venue:

The way from Hotel Huzar to the venue


The distance between Hotel Młyn and the venue is even shorter:

The way from Hotel Młyn to the venue




The złoty (abbreviated PLN or zł) is the official currency in Poland. The latest exchange rates for all major currencies are available here.



Polish sockets are standard European sockets, with a voltage of 230 V/50Hz. All visitors coming from countries using appliances/plugs that do not work with such sockets/voltages are advised to bring adapters.



All European mobiles will work without problems. Polish mobile phone operators use both of the two standard European GSM bands, 1800 and 900 MHz. The international code for Poland is +48; the area code for Lublin is 81.



It is late spring/early summer in Poland in June and the temperatures can vary from 15 to 30°C. Please note there may be occasional showers. We recommend to check the forecast before coming to Lublin. Weather information and forecasts for Lublin are available here.


More information

More tourist information may be obtained from the city portal here.


List of Hotels and Hostels:


Hotel Mercure

Hotel Huzar

Hotel Młyn

Art Residence

Grand Hotel Lublinianka

Hotel Europa

Hotel Lwów

Hotel Campanile

Hotel Victoria

Hostel Lublin

Hostel 'Wytchnienie'

Noclegi 'Botanik'

Hostel Królewska

Folk Hostel

LoLek Hostel